Doctora Kara Teo, a feisty sex guru who hosts a no holds barred, bordering on irreverent, midnight sex advice talk show called The Kangks Show. However, ratings are at an

Camp Avenue and Camp Avenue Studios present “Chasing Sunsets The Series” the first-ever Filipino lesbian-centered series tackling about LGBTQIA+ acceptance, mental health, and HIV awareness. Watch Also Philippines Drama “BetCin“

Synopsis of BetCin: Online couple Beth and Cindy, aka BetCin, is on the verge of breaking up. As they cook up their plan on how to best to say goodbye

There are about six people in the world that you are unrelated to, but looks exactly like you. One of them can easily take over your life. Or you can

Synopsis of Pasabuy: Anne and John, both struggling with their inner demons, meet in a community chatroom for the “pasabuy” of goods and necessities. Left pondering their initial encounter, they

Synopsis of Love Beneath the Stars: After that kiss in the field, Dominic and Luke are now entering a new stage in their relationship. But being in a same-sex relationship

Synopsis of Boyfriend No. 13: Superstitious to a fault, Kim is devastated when she realizes she’s falling for Don as he will end up being her 13th boyfriend. 13 being