Dawai may look like your average seventeen years old student, until the secret of her youthfulness and obsession for the nation’s history came to the surface, unraveling before Putra; the

Kinan and Aris’ married life, which seems to always be harmonious, slowly turns dark after Kinan finds out the fact that Aris shares his love for other women. Pushed to

This series takes place a year before the film Imperfect. At that time Dika had not yet met Rara, and was working on a photography project outside the city. The

Thalia just wants to fit in her new campus, but the ghosts of her past are taking her life to another direction. Every twist and turn is a choice tomake.

Inggit’s life is perfect with her 5 best friends, a lover named Tristan, and the love of her parents in Jogja. This perfection was reversed when Mr. Inggit was sick

Synopsis of Cinta Fitri: Fitri has just moved to Jakarta; alone and struggling with surviving. Blunt yet kindhearted, Fitri charms Farel, a young businessman who slowly falling for her; despite

Synopsis of Little Mom: Naura is a beautiful 16-year-old girl who made her parents and school friends proud. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a gynecologist and was planning her

Synopsis of Cyanide: Amelia and Jenny have always been in love. Yet, Amelia’s arranged marriage with David forced them apart. Jenny was in despair till she meets Amelia again and

Synopsis of Antares: Zea, a mysterious yet charming girl, makes her way to Ares’ life, the leader of Calderioz, to investigate her brother’s unfortunate accident. The two involve in a

Synopsis of 9 Months: WeTV Sinetron 9 Bulan follows the life of Welly (Fero Walandow) that falls into a contract to wed Karen (Pamela Bowie) for the sake of money

Synopsis of Ustad Milenial: After graduating from a famous Islamic school, Ahmad has a plan to continue his study in Cairo, Egypt to become a preacher. Everything seems on the

Synopsis of Kisah untuk Geri: Dinda’s life changed 180 degrees because her father’s corruption. This gave her the courage to ask Geri, her long-time enemy at school to be her

Synopsis of Gossip Girl Indonesia: The story revolves around a group of privileged Jakarta teens and the notorious IG account @GossipGirl.Indo who watches their every move and becomes the source